(Part-time) Dental hygienist job at Saratoga Dental

742 Camano Ave Suite 101a, Langley, Washington

  • $70.00 〜 $80.00 /hour

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Last updated:May 22, 2024

Hygienist’s dream job on Whidbey!

Enjoy a great work environment with generous pay, a $5,000 signing bonus, platinum level benefits, and a supportive, happy team.

Job Listing


Dental hygienist


Enjoy a great work environment with generous pay, a $6,000 signing bonus, platinum level benefits, and a supportive, happy team.
We are a modern family practice in the beautiful seaside village of Langley, Washington. We prioritize providing quality care in a relaxed environment for our patients, and a low stress environment for our team. Check us out at www.saratoga-dental.com.
Our goal is to give our patients the caring attention they deserve while running on schedule by providing ample time for procedures, using technology to our advantage and working well as a team. The hundreds of 5 star reviews we have online tell us that we continue to be successful at this.
The standard hygiene appointment at our practice is 1 hr or more, depending on the treatment (prophy vs SRP, etc). We do not do "assisted hygiene", though there is a "rover" assistant that is often available to help turn over rooms between patients. We believe it is important for the hygienist to have enough time in order to give their patients a "wow" experience.
This position is Part or Full time. You choose the schedule! The office is open Tuesday -Friday from 7am-5:30pm Tuesday and Thursday, and 7am to 4pm Wednesday and Friday.
Most of our team has been working together for decades and have found success working as a close-knit team to achieve our collective goals. We are a "Dental Family" as we like to call it. Our hope is that you would enjoy being an active, supportive part of our family as well.
The ideal candidate would share our practice philosophy of providing personal and compassionate, high quality care in a relaxed environment. They would be able to perform prophylactic and periodontal treatments with comfort, calm and efficiency. This position could be part or full time.
Langley is a beautiful and quickly growing community situated on beautiful Whidbey Island. Our practice, Saratoga Dental, is a highly respected, high tech dental clinic serving the rich community of South Whidbey. We appeal to patients that seek high quality, comprehensive care in a relaxed environment. Our patients are our friends and neighbors and we treat them all that way.

Healthcare Services/ Facility Type
Salary Range 【Part-time】 $70.00 〜 $80.00 /hour
Shifts & Schedules

Our clinic is open 7:30-3:30 Wednesday and Friday, 7:30-5 Tuesday and Thursday. We are closed Mondays.


Must be a licensed Dental Hygienist in Washington.

Hiring Process

[1] Please apply through the Jobley application form

[2] Jodi or Dr. Braden will contact you to schedule an interview and have brief phone conversation.

[3] In person interview at dental clinic.

[4] Job offer.

*The average time from application to job offer is about one week to one month.
*If you are currently employed and have difficulty changing jobs right now, schedules can be discussed.

Jobley Bonus
  • $100
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About the Facility

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742 Camano Ave Suite 101a, Langley, Washington


Work Setting /Facility Type
  • Dental office


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