(Full-time) Dentist job at Oakmont Family Dental

2457 Oakmont Way, Eugene, Oregon

  • $150,000.00 〜 $300,000.00 /year

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Last updated:Jan 10, 2024

Full Time Dentist in a thriving practice-Come see why the Pacific North West is the best place to live and work!

General Dentist

Hello Doctor!
We are a growing practice in Eugene Oregon. Oakmont Family Dental was established in 2007 and has continued to grow from a one dentist practice to a 10 dentist, two location practice in 15 years. We have not achieved this growth by any means other than taking the best care of patients. Every dentist at our practice is given autonomy to practice as they see fit and we encourage our dentists to improve and expand their abilities. We invest heavily in helping every member of our team grow. Do not be alarmed by the size of our practice, I assure you that we in no way aspire to be the next big corporate model. Ask any of our dentists (and we will insist that you do) about how we take care of our patients. I assure you, you will not get the same answer from one of our large corporate competitors. We are hiring to replace one of our dentists that is following her husband to his new job in another state.
We are a general dentistry practice, located in two beautifully remodeled buildings, one in Eugene and the other in Springfield. We have a staff that includes all of the original staff that worked for the selling doctor in 2007 (except for the individuals who have retired). Our office emphasizes prevention and our dentists all have an area of focus of their choosing in the specialties of dentistry. We are proud to provide an environment of mentorship and respect and have invested in technology like CEREC, CBCT diagnosis and guided implant surgery, as well as LANAP and diode laser dentistry.
As you probably know, the world of dentistry is changing. We are invested in our community and want to make sure that the best dentistry is offered to the people that live here. We are not a “corporate” dental office that will tell you how to practice or incentivize you on overselling treatment. Our patients come from the entire socioeconomic spectrum. We treat all ages as well. This is truly a family dental office. It is our stated mission to “Over deliver every day, to everyone, every time.” This mission also applies to the way that we take care of our team. We also have a full time in-house denture technician that produces high quality restorations, and takes care of all the repairs, relines, and adjustments.
There is a reason that we have an amazing staff that has consistently stayed with us, including our associate dentists: We treat you like we would want to be treated ourselves. Our dentists all have nearly doubled the pay offered to “corporate” dentists, in an environment that allows you to use the training and deductive reasoning that you went to dental school to obtain. We offer great benefits, and most of all, an enjoyable work environment. We build for growth because we have consistently achieved our goals. You also will have the benefit of being part of a diverse group of clinicians, using their experience to help with questions that may arise. We also host a Spear Study club exclusively for our doctors, and meet monthly with the leading specialists in our area to discuss cases and get continuing education.
If you are looking for something better, for whatever reason, we are confident that we can help you find it at our office. If you want to set up a meeting, or just discuss our benefits and compensation over the phone, I would be happy to do it. We check email multiple times per day and are good at returning calls.
We all look forward to hearing from you, it is always exciting to add another member to our family!
Matthew McLaughlin
Oakmont Family Dental
2457 Oakmont Way
Eugene, OR 97401

$150,000 base pay (guaranteed pay)
Compensation is based on production. Doctor associate is paid 30% of production above base (We provide specific details of course)
Current Associates average $240,000 gross pay(based on average of 8 dentists)
Medical Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance
Country Club Initiation Fee
Continuing Education Stipend
Gordon Christiansen Study Club Membership
Extensive mentorship and training
About our office:
2 owner doctors, both of us are 40y/o married with families
8 associate doctors, all are within 10 years of graduation and are amazing!
20 hygienists and growing
We are a consistently growing office with an over 20% increase per year for the last 6 years.
Voted "Best of Eugene" in the dentist category four years in a row.
Voted “Best Employer in Eugene” in Register Guard Readers Choice
Voted “Best Employer in Springfield” by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce
14 operatories (Eugene) 14 operatories (Springfield), total of 12 doctor operatories)
Top of the line ADEC dental chairs and delivery units
Latest Schick digital radiographs
3 Cerec PrimeScan units, two Primemills, one MCXL mill, two zirconia ovens, two Emax ovens.
Sirona Prime Print 3D printer for fully guided surgical implant surgery, night guards, ortho appliances
Sirona Orthophos XG Cone Beam with Sidexis implant planning software system
Prime Taper EV, Zimmer, Straumann BLX surgical kits
Platinum Invisalign provider
Brassler Endo Sequence with cordless handpiece with built in apex locator. Heated gutta percha system, Sirona Wave One endodontic system as well.
On site denturist/denture technician.
Highly trained, highly functioning team that is trained to help you get patient acceptance of treatment
Motivated office, staff are excited and expected to continue growth.
Full time marketing director (new patient coordinator) to continue bringing in new patients
Averaging 250+ new patients per month!
We are winning in our town because we easily beat the small offices with our service and marketing, but also because we easily out compete the corporate offices with our patient care. We DO NOT over treat people. We are in the relationship business, and we care very much about what our patients think of us. Everything we do at our office is guaranteed, we use the best materials, we do things right, and if they fail we fix it. We are not a sketchy high pressure office that treats people like cattle. You will see when observing how we take care of our new patients!

Job Listing




Dentist 3-4 Days Per week.

Healthcare Services/ Facility Type
Salary Range 【Full-time】 $150,000.00 〜 $300,000.00 /year
Salary Details

30% of production. Minimum salary is provided ($12,500/mo) or 30% of production, whichever is higher.


New graduates, as well dentists that have been working for a while, we provide a collaborative environment to help you grow and improve as a clinician. We all help each other out, an enjoy working with top quality dentists as colleagues instead of competitors!

Shifts & Schedules

M-F 7:00 AM-7:00 PM. Your choice, you can work three long days, or split it up into 4 days.


Graduate of a registered US Dental School, licensed in the State of Oregon


We are looking for great dentists that want to take great care of patients. Customer service is the most important thing at our office!

Hiring Process

[1] Please apply through the Jobley Health application form

[2] A recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview

[3] Interview

[4] Job offer

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*The average time from application to job offer is about one week to one month.
*If you are currently employed and have difficulty changing jobs right now, schedules can be discussed.

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  • $350
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About the Facility

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2457 Oakmont Way, Eugene, Oregon


Founded Nov 1, 2007
Work Setting /Facility Type
  • Dental office


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