(Full-time) Treatment Coordinator / Office Manager job at MODERN AMERICAN DENTISTRY

1200 Rosecrans Ave, Suite 107, Manhattan Beach, California

  • $25.00 〜 $30.00 /hour

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Last updated:Mar 10, 2024

We are a well-established dental office in Manhattan Beach seeking a proactive, detail-oriented individual to fill the dual role of Treatment Coordinator / Office Manager.

This position requires strong organizational skills, excellent communication abilities, and the capability to manage both administrative tasks and patient relations effectively.

Job Listing


Treatment Coordinator / Office Manager



- Coordinate treatment plans and schedules for optimal patient care.
- Manage daily office operations to ensure efficiency and productivity.
- Maintain a full schedule for dental professionals to maximize productivity.
- Facilitate treatment plan closures through effective patient communication.
- Contribute to office growth initiatives through strategic planning.
- Conduct team meetings and provide leadership to inspire team members.
- Utilize strong communication and management skills to interact with patients and staff.
- Apply influential skills to help patients commit to prescribed treatment plans.


- Minimum five years of experience in a dental office setting.
- Proficiency in dental office software.
- Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively.
- Strong organizational skills with attention to detail.
- Demonstrated leadership abilities and capacity to manage multiple tasks.

Healthcare Services/ Facility Type
Salary Range 【Full-time】 $25.00 〜 $30.00 /hour
Salary Details

Compensation based on experience/ To be determined


Generous vacation allowance, rewarding your dedication with increased time off for long-term commitment to the practice.

Shifts & Schedules

Monday - Friday
7:00 - 3:00


Have some management experience, a minimum of five years.


Some dental experience is preferred.

Hiring Process

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*The average time from application to job offer is about one week to one month.
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1200 Rosecrans Ave, Suite 107, Manhattan Beach, California


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