(Full-time) Program Support Officer/Clinic Coordinator job at Medical Teams International, US Programs Mobile Health WA

16825 48th Ave W. , Lynnwood, Washington

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Last updated:Mar 10, 2024

Come work with us in our mobile health program - caring for people in need in our own community.

For the last 33 years, Medical Teams US Programs has been providing free urgent dental and medical care for many people in need, You will be the hub, in a wheel of teamwork, helping to schedule volunteer providers, assign locations for our mobile clinics and work with amazing social and health service partners to ensure patients are seen and cared for. If you enjoy healthcare, helping others, relish organization and being a creative problem solver in a fast paced work environment, this is the job for you!

Job Listing


Program Support Officer/Clinic Coordinator


Schedule and provide administrative support for 10-12 community mobile clinics per week. Services provided at these clinics include urgent dental care, medical screenings, referrals and insurance navigation.

Program Planning: In collaboration with the US Programs department managers and staff, carry out the calling and aspirational goals. Support the Care & Connect Team in their analysis, pre-positioning, and initiation of Care & Connect and response clinics, activities and programs with note taking, tracking action items, as well as ensuring program metrics are accurately reported and tracked.

Program Support: Collaborate closely with Program Managers, and Clinic Managers to support the planning, implementation, and monitoring of programs and initiatives. Assist Program Managers and other staff with the scheduling of sites, staff, volunteers, and equipment for clinic activities. Ensure clinic data is entered accurately in CRM and online calendar, both for scheduling and reporting. Travel to clinic sites for project and team development, as well as provide immediate surge capacity and support as needed.

Volunteer Engagement: Collaborate, consult, and communicate effectively with all stakeholders throughout the recruitment lifecycle of volunteers to maximize their engagement. Collaborate with the Volunteer Team to ensure that volunteers are selected, trained, oriented, deployed, and debriefed according to Medical Teams’ standards. Maintain email lists and group list for the volunteer pool, as well as send communications to the roster.

Partnerships: Assist the Care & Connect Program Manager and leadership in developing partnership relationships and creating proposals, MOUs and budgets for partners. Help solve problems pertaining to partnerships and joint responses. Keep relevant managers informed.
Communication and Networking: Provide excellent customer service in all contact with volunteers, colleagues, partners, clinics, and the general public.

Salary Range 【Full-time】 $23.00 〜 $25.00 /hour
Shifts & Schedules

While primarily a M-F 40 hour work week, there are options for hybrid or remote work (in WA) and a 9/80 pay period.


Commitment to Medical Teams International Calling Statement and Core Values.

Customer service oriented.

Detail oriented; strong organizational skills; ability to work independently in a multi-task, fast-paced environment.

Flexible; team player with the ability to work collaboratively with others.

A basic understanding of health, health systems, and US Healthcare regulations.

Good communication skills including written and oral English; ability to successfully communicate with diverse constituencies.

Ability to work flexible schedule and weekends as needed.

Ability and willingness to travel for up to 30% of the year.

Skilled with office software: Microsoft Word, Teams, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint or willingness to learn.

Moderately skilled in use of CRM (or other database programs) and scheduling software or willingness to be trained.

Ability to remain calm under pressure and to prioritize tasks in rapidly changing contexts.

Creative problem solver.


Bilingual, dental or medical office background.

Hiring Process

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*The average time from application to job offer is about one month.
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16825 48th Ave W. , Lynnwood, Washington


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